At the end of therapy, Positive Vibes ABA sends a Client Satisfaction Survey form to our families and the results are analyzed and shared with staff in order to maintain high standards and quality of service.

Below is the summary from the 2019-2020 Client Satisfaction Survey:
Positive Vibes ABA
Client Satisfaction Survey

Client Satisfaction Survey Questions                                        % of families who indicated “Strongly                                                                                                                  Agree” or “Agree”

I found this treatment to be an acceptable way                        100%

of managing my child’s unwanted behavior or

skill deficits.

I would be willing to use this procedure if I had                        100%

to change my child’s unwanted behavior or

address skill deficits in the future

I like the procedures used in this treatment.                              100%

I believe this treatment is effective.                                             100%

I would recommend Positive Vibes ABA to                                 100%

friends and family.

I believe this treatment is likely to result in                               100%

permanent improvement in my child’s behavior.

I feel empowered to manage my child’s behavior                     100%

in the future.

My child enjoyed his/her experiences during                            100%


My child benefitted from his/her experiences                           100%

during treatment.

My child’s improvement this year was higher                           100%

than expected.

I am satisfied with the services my child                                   100%

received this year.

Staff helped me understand my child’s needs.                         100%

Staff regularly communicated with me about                           100%

my child’s performance and progress.

Staff encouraged me to participate in the                                  100%

decision-making process.

My concerns were addressed in treatment.                               100%

My child’s ability to communicate basic wants                          100%

and needs has improved

Overall, I have a positive reaction to this treatment.                  100%

Below are the comments/testimonials from former clients. These are either solicited or unsolicited.


The solicited are from the previous clients of Positive Vibes ABA. These are collected to ensure that we meet our commitment to client satisfaction. The unsolicited may be from previous or present clients received on our website, or social media accounts. The author of the evaluation form has the option to remain anonymous or give permission to use their words for marketing or advertising purposes. The first name and the initial of the last name is used. The comments/testimonials with a single asterisk * represent solicited and double asterisk ** as unsolicited respectively.
Behavior Analysts who have assisted or treated the clients and the author of comments/testimonials are not related in any way and comply with all applicable laws about claims made in the testimonial.
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We had a wonderful experience with Positive Vibes. Everyone there was beyond helpful and super friendly and positive. My son started making real progress when we started here. We also really loved our RBT Danielle Sproles. She always went above and beyond to help my son and myself. Positive Vibes is a wonderful place and I am very thankful for the people that work hard for kiddos like my son. - Diana G.*

“Best decision I have made with Both my autistic children.” - Erick H.*

“Positive Vibes ABA changed our lives!! I wholeheartedly believe it was our time at ABA coupled with answered prayers that has given us the complete transformation we see in our son today. He is thriving in preschool and group settings more than ever before, and for the first time in four years we feel like we are able to work through behaviors with him in ways that are comforting and helpful to both him and us. He absolutely loved his time with his RBT and still talks about missing her often. You all will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Our little boy is like a different kid, all for the better, and a huge part of that is credit to you. Thank you!” - Michole W.*